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We are looking for City College students to take part in a study called, “Emotion Regulation and Chronic Stress in College Students with Inattention”. 


What is the point of this study? The purpose of this study is to examine the association between ADHD and emotion regulation in college students, understand the specific areas of weaker emotion regulation for college students with ADHD, and explore whether the relations between ADHD and emotion regulation deficits is moderated by chronic stress, as measured by self-report and biological markers.


What do I have to do? First, participants complete an online survey (approx. 30 minutes long). The surveys cover a range of topics including behavioral and emotional functioning, as well as stress, anxiety and substance use.


Depending on your answers to the surveys, you may be asked to complete a follow-up session (“Part 2”), which is a longer session examining inattention, emotion regulation and stress.  You will complete an interview about attention and activity levels in childhood and adulthood and a short computer task. You will also be asked if you would be willing to give some strands of your hair to measure stress levels. You don’t have to give a hair sample to be part of the rest of the study. In total, this session will take around 1.5-2 hours. It will take place in Dr. O’Neill’s lab, in NAC 7/233 at CCNY.

What are the risks? There are few risks to this study. For Part 1, you may become tired, bored or frustrated completing severalquestionnaires. Similarly, for Part 2, you may feel tired or frustrated when answering questions about psychological health and behavior, or when completing the computer task. You will also be asked about your emotional state and stress,which some people may find upsetting.


Do I have to do this? No! Your participation is absolutely voluntary and you can withdraw at any time with no penalty.


Do I get any compensation? If you are a psychology student and you sign up through the SONA system, you will receive1 credit after completing the online questionnaires. If you are invited to complete part 2 of the study, you will receive up to $25 for completing part 2 of the study.


In order to be eligible for Part One, individuals must be:

  • 18-30 years of age

  • fluent in English

  • full-time or part-time student at CCNY

  • Individuals with a self-reported history of psychosis, a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, bipolar disorder diagnosis, manic episode, or a diagnosis of epilepsy, or a traumatic brain injury will be excluded from the study.


In addition to the above, in order to be eligible for Part Two, individuals who are taking stimulant medicine for ADHD must be willing to not take their medicine the morning of the lab visit. 


This study has been reviewed and approved by the City College (CUNY) IRB #2022-0653 [approved 11-02-2022].

How can I participate? If you are interested in participating, you can click on the link below or you can contact Anita Olivia Rich at for more information.


What if I have more questions? Please contact Anita Olivia Rich at


Thank you!

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