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Are You Interested in Doing Research?

The ATTEND! Lab is looking for students interested in volunteering. Research assistants are involved with all aspects of research in the lab, which are outlined below.  We aim to recruit extremely hard-working, dedicated graduate/undergraduate students who want to gain excellent research experience and training. All majors are welcome to apply, as the lab is multi-disciplinary and includes many sub-studies. 

Lab work requirements:

   - Must be available to work 10 hours per week

   - Must have interpersonal skills (i.e. phone and interview capability)

Lab position description:

   - Data entry into excel & SPSS files

   - Participant assessment

   - Psychological interviews (in-person and phone)

   - Recruitment

   - Data Analysis

   - Literature Reviews


All research assistants will be given training; prior experience is not required.  We look for interest in ADHD, a willingness to learn, someone who is careful in their work, and a team player.  Please click on the button below to apply.  


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